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Mars & Venus Project

I created two thought-provoking images that challenge gender stereotypes in media and society in the form of product (for Mars) and portrait (for Venus).

I think it so important to teach children about gender equality at a young age so that they grow up to be accepting and compassionate. Not only would they be sensitive to gender stereotypes, but they might also have a little fire burning inside them to help challenge the status quo.

There are two young people in my life that are rocking the challenge of gender stereotypes. I know it comes from their wonderful parents who make an effort to teach their kids to be accepting and that there’s no right or wrong, or that we don’t all have to fit into these boxes that society has created for us.

The first portrait is of a brother and his little sister. Big brother is nurturing and caring toward his sister. Boys and men are often told not to show emotion and to act strong. I see so much strength in this image of a young boy who is confident and encouraged to be helpful, stereotypes aside. Being in the kitchen which has long been though of as a “women’s place” is another aspect of challenging gender stereotypes.

The second image is of a young girl who enjoys hunting and target practice. Hunting has long been thought of as a man’s sport, but this girl loves shooting her bow and being just like her big brother. She plays with dolls and bows. She is allowed to play with any toys that she wants, they don’t have to be dressed in pink and girly. I think this type of open play teaches her to be strong and confident in anything she does. There’s no ‘his’ or ‘hers’ when it comes to entertaining herself, just the enjoyment of playing.



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