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The Last Child in the Woods

This project is about The Last Child in the Woods. The kind of childhood where a kid can play outside unsupervised to build forts, hunt squirrels, split wood and make maple syrup is slowly disappearing with the rise of “helicopter parenting.” Not having a parent pay extremely close attention to a child’s experiences allows a… Continue reading The Last Child in the Woods

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Medium is the Message Project

My final project for school. I had to create an image from a list of categories to print in a different medium. I shot a kitchen so I decided to print it on a bamboo cutting board. I thought that since so much of the kitchen's components are wood, it made sense to print it… Continue reading Medium is the Message Project

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Mars & Venus Project

I created two thought-provoking images that challenge gender stereotypes in media and society in the form of product (for Mars) and portrait (for Venus). I think it so important to teach children about gender equality at a young age so that they grow up to be accepting and compassionate. Not only would they be sensitive… Continue reading Mars & Venus Project

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‘What’s on the Cover?’ Photography Project

Another fun school project! I had to create my own magazine cover including all necessary text including: Masthead Selling line Dateline Main image Main cover line Cover lines (3) Left third Bar code The theme for my magazine is 'The Canadian Outdoors', which is also the title. What is more Canadian than having a winter… Continue reading ‘What’s on the Cover?’ Photography Project

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Star Trail Photography

Shooting star trails has been high on my list of photography-related things to try. I could never really wrap my head around setting my camera to bulb and leaving my shutter open for a length of time (long enough to record star trails). I tried the intervalometer method and did most of the work in… Continue reading Star Trail Photography

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The Night Portrait

I had to apply everything I know about lighting, mixing ambient light and flash units on location. This photo shoot was challenging at first until I figured out how to bring in the ambient light. It was 8:00 pm so it was very dark outside. I was really excited about this assignment because I knew… Continue reading The Night Portrait