After getting my first digital camera when I moved to the Yukon, my interest in photography quickly grew into a passion. Northern landscapes, wildlife and nature were inspiring.
Fast forward a few years with a diploma in digital photography and imaging, and now an award-winning photographer, I have decided to put my roots down in Muskoka, Ontario and focus on the success of my photography business, Cobi Photography. Over the past few years, I have also grown a passion for portrait and adventure photography. In my down time, you can find me canoeing deep into Ontario’s wild spaces.

Mission Statement

At Cobi Photography, my purpose is to provide unique outdoor portraits that capture the excitement and natural moments when families explore and enjoy the outdoors; empower people to take control of their photography by giving them the skills and know-how to use their camera in its manual settings; and offer unique, one-of-a-kind women-only photography tours that empower women creatively and emotionally to capture images of inspiring adventures and places across Canada.


Provide exceptional service and quality
Provide beautiful authentic images to each client
Meet challenges with a positive mindset
Make each session fun and full of smiles

Respect all families and honour each individual
Be patient and kind
Speak kindly and honestly about ourselves and others and lift each other up
Supports gender equality
Provides a safe and supportive environment for all people who identify as LGBTQ

Seek opportunities to serve my community
Compassionately assist and lift up those who are less fortunate (and inspire others to do so as well)
Generously donate my time and talent to www.thegivingportrait.org

Financial responsibility is one key to personal freedom and greater quality of life
Operate my business to strengthen my commitment to families and communities

Do what is right for its own reward
Never compromise ethics, morals or standards for the sake of profit
Support the development of others through consistent and predictable words and actions
Act responsibly, operate sustainably
Follow Leave No Trace philosophy


  • To capture exciting and natural moments that occur when families explore and enjoy the outdoors
  • To provide skills-driven one-on-one or small group photography workshops in the outdoors that empower people to learn to use their camera in its manual setting and take full control over their photography
  • To provide women with an empowering experience where they can build on their photography skills through inspiration of Canada’s landscapes through photography tours



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