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The Last Child in the Woods

This project is about The Last Child in the Woods. The kind of childhood where a kid can play outside unsupervised to build forts, hunt squirrels, split wood and make maple syrup is slowly disappearing with the rise of “helicopter parenting.” Not having a parent pay extremely close attention to a child’s experiences allows a… Continue reading The Last Child in the Woods

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Mars & Venus Project

I created two thought-provoking images that challenge gender stereotypes in media and society in the form of product (for Mars) and portrait (for Venus). I think it so important to teach children about gender equality at a young age so that they grow up to be accepting and compassionate. Not only would they be sensitive… Continue reading Mars & Venus Project

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What is Your Picture Worth?

As a Photographer getting ready to start my own business, I'm constantly plagued by the non-standardization of pricing for photography services. There is no real list of costs that a photographer should adhere to. So it's nearly impossible to figure out how much a picture is worth in addition to my time. Many of us… Continue reading What is Your Picture Worth?

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Portraits for My Parents

I have thought about photographing my parents ever since I went back to school to become a professional photographer. I know I have the skills and ability now to make quality photographs. When my husband and I were on a 3-week canoe trip in Quetico Provincial Park, they agreed to look after our dog, Banjo.… Continue reading Portraits for My Parents

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The Night Portrait

I had to apply everything I know about lighting, mixing ambient light and flash units on location. This photo shoot was challenging at first until I figured out how to bring in the ambient light. It was 8:00 pm so it was very dark outside. I was really excited about this assignment because I knew… Continue reading The Night Portrait