The Tree Museum, Gravenhurst
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Tree Museum, Gravenhurst – Severn’s First Hike

It felt SO GOOD to take my camera out today! Since I graduated my 2-year photography program in June, gave birth to Severn in July and have been busy being a new mom, I haven’t really had a chance to use my camera.

We took Severn Fawn on her first official hike today at The Tree Museum in Gravenhurst, Muskoka. It’s a really neat place with outdoor art installations and sculptures scattered throughout the trail.

The Tree Museum, Gravenhurst

The weather was great with scattered showers and sun and cloud. Made for some good saturated photographs.

Goldenrod in field.

Baby's first hike. Golden retriever and baby hiking. Baby

I have been hiking here a couple of times before. The first time was a field trip with my photography class, and then I came back to do some portraits of my parents. We hadn’t brought our dog, Banjo, here yet. Today she loved it! Of course she has to find the longest and biggest stick to drag around.

I remember the art installation from Badanna Zack, titled A Mound of Cars, 1998.

Pile of junk, old cars.

We also wandered by an old tar paper shack which made for some interesting photographs.

tar paper shack Rusted hinge. weathered paint.

At the end of the trail is the artist-in-residence house. But it was unoccupied.

Tree Museum, Gravenhurst

Of course my favourite art installation is by Mary Anne Barkhouse, titled May Contain Wolf, 2012, because wolves are my favourite animal.

Wolves on roof. Wolf on roof

It took us a couple of hours to hike in and back out. It was Severn’s first official hike! She loved it!


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