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Last Sunday my husband took me down to the Toronto Cactus and Succulent Show at Allan Gardens Conservatory. Unfortunately, the lineup to get into the sale part of the show was too long for this 8.5 month pregnant woman, so we just wandered around inside the conservatory and surprisingly I didn’t buy any plants!

I haven’t really picked my camera up since I finished my two-year photography program at the end of April. To be honest, I’ve been overwhelmed with getting ready to have a baby. It felt good to snap a few photographs though. There’s something about the clicking of the shutter that makes me happy.

Being surrounded by plants makes my heart sing, so naturally being around a botanical garden was just what my soul needed. If I could do it all over again, I’d think about a career in horticulture. Maybe dream of being a master gardener!

I love the natural and intricate patterns of nature, plants especially.

Nature’s design. This plant has it’s own way of surviving with a bowl in the middle that catches water, and insects will drown in there. Mind blown.

This was a cluster of flowers hanging from a tree that I couldn’t identify. Look at the colour! Nature is so awesome.

We finally found the cactus and succulent section of the conservatory. I could have stayed in there for HOURS. If I had a crazy amount of money, the first thing I’d do is build my own cactus and succulent oasis.

After our little visit to the conservatory we traveled down to Niagara Falls. We had a mini baby moon while my husband was attending a conference for work. I had grand intentions of taking lots of photos, at least of the falls, but swollen feet and ankles prevented me from doing that.

We did stop at the Botanical Gardens on our way to Niagara-on-the-Lake for dinner.

I just LOVED these Chinese purple poppies. I wish I had the exact name.

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