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‘What’s on the Cover?’ Photography Project

Another fun school project! I had to create my own magazine cover including all necessary text including:

  • Masthead
  • Selling line
  • Dateline
  • Main image
  • Main cover line
  • Cover lines (3)
  • Left third
  • Bar code

The theme for my magazine is ‘The Canadian Outdoors’, which is also the title. What is more Canadian than having a winter campfire at night surrounded by cedar trees? Shooting at night can be tricky if you aren’t using a flash and have moving subjects, so I had to make sure my models kept still for the duration of my exposure. I love the effect of the sparks from the fire going up the middle of the magazine cover, and the glow from the fire adds warmth to a cold season.

I have a few outtakes from the photo shoot as well. There’s some blurred motion and fire blocking heads, by the time I figured out how to position everyone, I got the shot on the cover.

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