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Star Trail Photography

Shooting star trails has been high on my list of photography-related things to try. I could never really wrap my head around setting my camera to bulb and leaving my shutter open for a length of time (long enough to record star trails). I tried the intervalometer method and did most of the work in Photoshop.

The first composition I tried, I set my intervalometer so there was a slight delay between photographs which created a really neat dotted effect across the sky.

Once I uploaded all of the images as layers in Photoshop, I changed the blend mode to Screen on each layer. I went layer by layer so that I could use a layer mask to conceal the airplane lines in the sky (there were lots).

I only shot each composition for about 15-20 minutes and used a 50mm prime lens. Next time I’d love to try a wide angle lens and allow myself plenty of time to record longer trails in the sky.

Not bad for my first try.

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