School Project

Humans and Technology Project

My idea for this project was to show how technology is draining the life out of humans. It’s a very simple concept and composition. We’re all addicted to screens and most of the time you can find us sitting on the couch wasting hours of our lives scrolling and searching the internet.

Essentially I think the life is being drained out of us. We have this blank stare toward the screen, are distracted from what is going on around us and are burning our eyes from the blue glow.

This first image is of a typical scene of someone using technology.

In the next image, you can see the person is starting to fade becoming transparent. Again, it’s another typical scene of someone spending their time in front of a screen.

In the third image the person is becoming even more transparent. More life is being drained from him because of technology and our addiction to it.

In the fourth image you can see that this person is almost lifeless. They’re just barely with us. Could be because they’ve spend the past 5 hours in front of the screen, or perhaps it is the amount of time they’re using it on a daily basis. Maybe they’re wasting time on social media. All of those scenarios are a contributor to life being drained from our bodies.

In the final image you can see that life has been completely drained from the person. They’re nowhere to be found and in the end the lifespan of a computer or technology far surpasses the life expectancy of humans. That is because of the way data is stored and mostly because of the materials used to make objects like computers. Some of the items are toxic, hard metals and plastic that will never break down. It is what the computer is made of that also contributes to draining life from humans.

3 thoughts on “Humans and Technology Project”

  1. A truly ongoing important subject. I always question or challenge what becomes mass majority ‘normal simply because we as humans are in a state of ideas and experimental manifestation. . Trial and error . Where is the mistake to learn from. .? Also, if everything is divine then all is as it should be . Although, energy is created with the influence of negativity and positivity therefore there is always two sides to the coin. So with that , what are your thoughts on the good things about technology in the evolution of real life ? This is an amazing concept and project Cobi. You really portrayed the picture accurately. It had me realizing again that possibly our voices have the ability to carry on long after we are gone and that modern tech might be capable of changing the way we communicate or improving things for the greater good of humanity. I’m pretty sure Stephan Hawkins ( human computer or the man machine of math and science) and bill gates , Mark zuckerburg etc are contributing philanthropists towards protecting and improving the way we live, altogether.


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