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The Night Portrait

I had to apply everything I know about lighting, mixing ambient light and flash units on location. This photo shoot was challenging at first until I figured out how to bring in the ambient light. It was 8:00 pm so it was very dark outside.

I was really excited about this assignment because I knew I could do something cool. My idea was to do it near a train bridge in town, but then I thought about the waterfall. When I arrived on location I had no idea that it would be lit up! I knew there were coloured strands of lights on the bridge, but the colourful waterfall was an added bonus.

My intention was to photograph only my husband for this assignment and I dressed him accordingly. I had thought about the pose I wanted him to do, and knew it would work perfectly with the weir. What I find amazing about this photo shoot is the amount of colour. It’s like a rainbow but it’s completely dark out! I absolutely love colour!

My husband is a perfect model.

Having my parents up for a visit was an added bonus. My mother is such a beautiful woman, that I was really excited to make an amazing portrait of her. I’m really proud of it because it’s a unique and special portrait all for my mother.

My beautiful mother.

I had to wait a few times until the waterfall was just right colour and when it finally turned orange I took the portrait of my parents because I think it matches my dad’s sweater. Again, I’m so proud of these images because I know they are unique. Makes me happy to have these special portraits for my parents and of my parents.

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