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Mythology Assignment

The theme of this project was to tell the story of a mythological character. I spent days trying to finalize a concept featuring Hurricane Maria, but in the end decided that the real character of this story is Mother Earth, and she is pissed.

This story has great meaning to me because I believe that Mother Earth exists and I can’t help but wonder if the wrath of natural disasters that are happening is because she is very unhappy. It isn’t hard to understand why. We keep taking and depleting her resources, dumping our trash in her oceans, destroying the surface of land forever for agri-business (intensive livestock farming), and the extraction of resources from mountains, eskers and other natural features in the landscape to pave our roads. We are doing a terrible job of managing our fresh water supply and to top it all off, we’re on the verge of a major crisis where our way of living; this take, take, take mentality has caused climate change to be at a point where the damage is already done and there is no turning back.

One of the most powerful people in the world denies that climate change is real, and has opted to remove the United States of America from the Paris Agreement where nations around the world have come together to do what is possible to get a handle on Mother Earth’s wrath (a.k.a. climate change).

Whether you believe climate change is real or not, it isn’t okay to keep taking natural resources faster than they are able to replenish themselves, it isn’t okay to pollute our water with gas and oil leaking from pipelines (we ALL have a right to fresh, clean drinking water), it isn’t okay to keep consuming single-use plastic for convenience when it ends up in the ocean with many animals intaking and suffering from suffocation of plastic (don’t even get me started on plastic water bottles!). It also isn’t okay to keep polluting the air by pumping CO2 emissions into the atmosphere (we ALL have a right to fresh, clean air).

Mother Earth is pissed. In this series of images she has cast a spell of hurricanes on Donald Trump to make him realize that climate change IS REAL, and that he has an incredible amount of power to influence and make change in the world. Let’s hope he listens.

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