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Maple Sugar Moon Pow Wow

Maple Sugar Moon Pow Wow

In March, I had the opportunity to volunteer as a photographer for the 12th Annual Georgian College Pow Wow with a Maple Sugar Moon theme. I always love attending pow wow’s, and I’m most interested in the regalia that is worn by attendees because each piece is special and created specifically for the individual who wears it. There was no time for conversations so I couldn’t find out some of the meanings behind their unique and special regalia, but I can only imagine!

There was about 6-8 drumming groups that played throughout the day, and listening to their drum beats and singing added real authenticity to the gathering.

I love how First Nations cultures have so many traditions. I often wish as a Canadian, I too, had a culture rich in tradition that goes back through generations and taught by storytelling.


If you’ve never been to a pow wow you should go! They are super powerful and it’s awesome to be around people who are celebrating their own cultures and identities. There are many opportunities to dance, meet people and take it all in. It’s also a great way to learn more about First Nations culture.

2 thoughts on “Maple Sugar Moon Pow Wow”

  1. Great shots Cobi, thanks for sharing. Where we live in the north Simcoe County(Midland area), it’s very rich in First Nations culture. From what I understand, Georgian does a great job with it’s First Nations students and programming. Although, you might have a better sense than I do.

    Thanks again.


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