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7 Expressions Project

For a school project, I had to create portraits in the studio using a model expressing 7 distinctly different expressions and poses. I had to photograph the model using 3/4’s of the body and use hands to reinforce the expression.

I decided to use a theme for this project. I wanted to show the 7 expressions of Mother Earth. I often think about the way we treat her and her feelings toward us. These are my images:

Happy –

I believe when we nurture the earth by loving and growing plants, and taking care of our environments that Mother Earth truly feels happy.


When Mother Earth sees kids playing outside and enjoying nature, I believe her heart fills with love. There are so many wonderful things to explore and discover on this earth. Sometimes I wish we could embrace our inner child more often and love and explore nature as if seeing and discovering it for the first time like when we were young.


I think Mother Earth feels a lot of sadness. And sometimes I think she’s more sad than happy. I could also be projecting my own feelings onto what I believe she’s feeling. It’s like we’re conditioned as a society to always focus on the negative aspects of life. This image of the turtle is just one of many issues our oceans are facing because of our neglect.


When we’re constantly tearing up the earth’s surface to extract resources, I can’t help but believe Mother Earth feels stressed. We’re tearing open her skin and exposing veins and innards. We extract resources and forever change the natural features of the earth’s surface. We remove eskers and flatten the land for ore. We drill below the earth’s surface to extract oil, we rip up trees that have been rooted in Mother Earth for hundreds of years to change the landscape for our benefits. I think she’s more than stressed.


Mother Earth is frightened. She’s frightened of this person. Many of us are frightened of this person. But, I wonder if she’s going to be the most affected. He doesn’t care about the health of our Great Lakes, he doesn’t care about healthy communities, he doesn’t believe that climate change is real. I could go on and on. I am frightened of this man.


I believe Mother Earth is angry. She is angry about the way we treat her, about the way we treat each other, and about the way we treat ourselves. She is angry.


I think Mother Earth can be vindictive. When a natural disaster strikes, is it because she’s being vindictive? Is she mad at us, sending us a message?


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